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A hook for managing and extending Pando themes.

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import { useTheme } from '@pluralsight/react'
type Themes = 'light' | 'dark' | 'system'
type CustomThemes<T extends string> = T | Themes

interface ThemeProps {
updateTheme: (theme: string) => void,
theme: CustomThemes<T>,

useTheme<T extends string>(initialTheme?: CustomThemes<T>): ThemeProps
import type { CustomThemes } from '@pluralsight/react/types'


Call useTheme at the top level of your component to store and cache the theme state between re-renders:

import { useTheme } from '@pluralsight/react'

export default function App() {
const { theme, updateTheme } = useTheme()

function handleToggleTheme(e) {
// gets value from a data-theme={theme} prop set on a button

return <div>...</div>
Automatic Theme Caching

This hook automatically caches the theme to the localStorage Object so that your users will have it saved for as long as they keep the cache alive. 🎉


  • initialTheme: An optional string value of any of the CustomThemes offered or extended via Typescript.

Extending themes with Typescript

If you are a Typescript user and would like to extend the themes beyond the default options provided, pass in your themes as a type parameter.

type NewThemes = 'pizza-sight' | 'flow-dark'
const { theme, updateTheme } = useTheme<NewThemes>()

Example usage in Component (Client-side)

Here is an example of how you might use useTheme to manage theme toggling between light and dark mode in an App component.

Client-side API

The useTheme hook should only be used on the client side due to its design of updating the localStorage Object.

function App() {
const { theme, updateTheme } = useTheme()

function handleToggleTheme() {
const newTheme = theme === 'light' ? 'dark' : 'light'

return (
<h2>Hello there!</h2>
<p>This is an example with Theme toggling!</p>
<button {...getButtonProps().button} onClick={handleToggleTheme}>
Toggle Theme

SSR Helpers

If you are using an SSR app (like NextJS) and are unable to use the hook on the client-side, we provide some additional helpers in the react-utils library.

import { getCachedTheme, setCachedTheme } from '@pluralsight/react-utils'

These helpers use the window object conditionally to try and help prevent SSR errors.


My theme is not changing when I update it

Make sure you are using a theme name that is either a Pando theme or one that has been defined in your global CSS styling. This means the hook is updating values that are not mapping to any existing styles.

  1. Make sure you have followed the Pando installation guide.
  2. Make sure you are using the correct theme names.
  3. Make sure you have a theme defined in your CSS using the Pando guidelines.