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Meet the Team

Meet the Pando Team

The Pando team members work full-time on the core package APIs, the tools that power Pando, and the Pando documentation website.

Current members of the Pando team are listed in alphabetical order below.


Kathy Lavoie (she/her)

@kathydlavoie-ps on Github

Kathy has a strong focus on the human side of software and is always thinking about how what she builds impacts the users and developers that will interact with it. Outside of code she's a wife, "mama" to a little kid and a very old cat, and loves baking cakes, quilting, and trying to keeps plants alive.


Brad Bice (he/him)

Brad is a father of 2, husband, and janitor for his cat. He spends his free time building Lego with his kids, watching the latest trending TV shows, losing at video games, putzing in his garage, and playing volleyball.