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Migrating from Classic

Coming from our Classic system? Pando is completely different. This means Pando is not and will never be a 1:1 mirror to Classic.

Classic was never built for a multi-product company and did not scale well. Pando resolves both of those issues.

If you are looking for a walk-through approach of migrating to Pando from Classic, check out our Add Pando to a Website page.

Breaking Changes

Here is a list of some breaking changes in Pando from Classic:


Classic APIPando EquivalentNotes
App FrameHeadless-styles, ReactGrid API
AsideHeadless-styles, ReactGrid API
Equal Col.Headless-styles, ReactGrid API
Page HeadingHeadless-styles, ReactBuilt into the CSS setup.
Page Width


Classic APIPando EquivalentNotes
CodeNormalizeBuilt into the CSS setup.
HeadingNormalizeBuilt into the CSS setup.
ListNormalizeBuilt into the CSS setup.
PNormalizeBuilt into the CSS setup.
Classic APIPando EquivalentNotes
Action MenuHeadless-styles, ReactMenu API, useMenuInteraction
BreadcrumbHeadless-stylesTag API, TextLink API
Global Nav
MenuHeadless-styles, ReactMenu API, useMenuInteraction
Tabs (H)Headless-styles, ReactTabs API, useTabs
Tabs (V)Headless-styles, ReactTabs API, useTabs


Classic APIPando EquivalentNotes
ButtonHeadless-styles, ReactButton API
CheckboxHeadless-styles, ReactCheckbox API
Date PickerHS, React, React-utilsInput API, useAutoFormatDate
DropdownHeadless-styles, ReactSelect API
FieldHeadless-styles, ReactForm Control, Label, Field Error & Message API
FormHeadless-styles, ReactSemantic HTML
Multi SelectReactMultiSelect API
RadioHeadless-styles, React
Search InputHeadless-styles, ReactInput API
SwitchHeadless-styles, ReactSwitch API
Tags Input
TextareaHeadless-styles, ReactTextarea API
Text InputHeadless-styles, ReactInput API
View ToggleHeadless-styles, ReactTabs API, useTabs

Content Display

Classic APIPando EquivalentNotes
AvatarHeadless-styles, ReactAvatar API, usePreloadedImage
Data WellNoramlizeSemantic HTML
IconIcons, Headless-styles, ReactIcon API
RowHeadless-styles, ReactGrid API
TableHeadless-styles, ReactTable API
TagHeadless-styles, ReactTag API


Classic APIPando EquivalentNotes
BadgeHeadless-styles, ReactBadge API
BannerHeadless-styles, ReactAdmonition API
DialogHeadless-styles, ReactConfirm Dialog, Modal API
Empty State
Error Pages
Circular ProgressHeadless-styles, ReactCircular Progress API
Linear ProgressHeadless-styles, ReactProgress API
Star RatingIn Tutorials
TooltipHeadless-styles, ReactTooltip API


Pando does not support motion or spacing tokens. There are enough studies that prove token usage of these properties depreciates performance when loading web experiences.

Classic APIPando EquivalentNotes
CoreNormalizeBuilt into the CSS setup.
NormalizeNormalizeBuilt into the CSS setup.
Screen Reader OnlyNormalizeBuilt into CSS setup
ThemeNormalize, React-utils, ReactCSS setup, useTheme
Feature Flags
Focus Manager
Nav Cookie Banner