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Whether you are a designer or developer, Pando has been designed from the start for gradual adoption. You can use as little or as much Pando as you need. No matter if you are looking to try out Pando, add some new functionality to an HTML page, or start a complex Pando-powered app, this section will help you get started.

Try Pando

You don't need to install anything to play with Pando. Try editing this live sandbox!

function HelloWorld() {
  return (
        <h2>Hello World!</h2>
          Pando uses semantic HTML styling for typography and custom components
          for everything else!


You can edit the code directly and see instant results. Most of the developer examples in this site contain sandboxes like this.

Start a Pando project

If you are ready to add Pando to your standalone project, you can check out our docs on how to Add Pando to a Website.

Try the Figma UI Kit

If you are a team member at Pluralsight, we have a Figma Kit for you to use in your designs!